Bodybuilding can be LifeBuilding

Steer clear of the BS, take a Straight-Forward Approach, Learn to Push Yourself Beyond Perceived Limitations, and You will Succeed!

I got my first job as an exercise coach when I was just 9 years old. I was playing little league football for a team called the ‘Golden Eagles’ (in my hometown of Golden, Colorado of course). 

I enjoyed our weekly games against other teams but oddly, compared to my teammates, I enjoyed practice more — specifically, the push-ups, sit-ups, leg lifts and wind sprints (4 decades later, we call that High Intensity Interval Training). I developed a tremendous enthusiasm, even a passion, for the workouts we did at the beginning of practice. I remember discovering back then that I loved the feeling of working the muscles, pumping them up, getting stronger… and building my body. 

I also clearly remember discovering something else about myself back then… I love sharing my passion for muscle and strength building with everyone I can reach. When I’m fired up about something, I just can’t keep it to myself which can make me both an effective and motivating coach as well as a real pain in the ass (and I’ve been both for over 40 years now!=).

 Just 3 weeks after the start of our football season, our team coach promoted me from second-string running back, to first-string exercise instructor. It was my responsibility at each and every team practice to lead the other 9 year olds  through enthusiastic, energized, all-out effort calisthenics, strength exercises, and sprinting. I turned out to be pretty good at it, and today, four decades later, I’m still at it, going strong, and helping people in person at my Transformation Fitness and Research Center.

I’ve taken this one thing — a passion for body building — for strengthening and defining muscles into my calling, my career and to a very significant extent, my life. 

To help spread the word, I started a magazine in 1992 called Muscle Media and later wrote a book about bodybuilding for the everyday person called Body-for-LIFE. 

I’ve helped Olympic athletes get ready for competition. I helped Sylvester Stallone put on more shredded, solid muscle between his Rocky films and a movie called ‘Cliffhanger’ (Google Cliffhanger and see how muscular Sly’s body became). I was hired to help Demi Moore build muscle and transform her body for her famous role in a movie called ‘G.I Jane.’ I was even lucky enough to earn two Super Bowl rings for helping Denver Broncos players increase their strength in preparation for their Super Bowl wins in John Elway’s last years. 

However, what I enjoy more than any of that, is helping ordinary people discover something extraordinary about themselves by teaching them to tap into their true strength and power, both in mind and body. And I’m still pushing myself to do the same! 

I still lift weights and workout 5 days a week — it feels as good to me now as it ever did. At age 54, I’m probably less concerned with packing on muscle mass — I’m more excited about how bodybuilding helps me stay young, strong, energetic, and healthy. And I have every intention of completing at least 10, 400 more kick-ass workouts (40 years x 5 workouts a week) before I turn this body back into its maker.

Over the years, I’ve learned, through personal experience, scientific research, and real-world trial and error, what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, what becomes clear is that there are as many tons of bullshit and nonsense information out there about how to best build your body as there are iron plates in all the Gold’s gym franchises combined. My best advice for those looking for the right way is to never take instruction from somebody who doesn’t practice what they preach. There are far too many muscle magazine writers and so-called fitness experts online who masquerade as authorities on the subject when in reality, their bodyfat is over 20% and they’ve never even benched pressed 200 pounds (for 1 rep, much less multiple sets!). These scammers really don’t give a damn about their body or helping you achieve your goals. 

To be successful at this in the short and long term, you have to have a passion for it. You have to pay your dues, with hundreds of hardcore blood and guts weightlifting workouts, to really know what it’s all about. And if you love it as much as I do, you will. To reach your full potential for building muscle size, strength, and personal power, connect with and follow the insight of teachers and mentors that walk the talk — those who know what to do and do what they know. 

To be successful, I believe you must personify a true passion for real body building… of applying the proper principles of strengthening the body to strengthen your life; to cultivate discipline, determination and the ability to overcome resistance. These are the qualities it takes to be successful in all areas of life. And regardless of whether you ever compete on stage or not, these are the true rewards that you earn from practicing and living with a passion for strength. 

I’m excited to share my own personal 12 week Transformation as I “Drive to 55” and chronicling it here on this page. In upcoming posts I’ll share exactly what I’ve learned over the years about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to training, nutrition, and supplements. I’ll also pass on my keys to setting and achieving massive goals!   

I’m as fired up now as I was 40 years ago, when I took on my first role as an exercise coach. And my objective is still pretty much the same:  to get you fired up, energized, and inspired to push yourself beyond your perceived limits — beyond what you believe is the best you can do. When you learn how to do that — when you learn how to tap into your true power and strength, you’ll have what it takes to succeed at building both a better body and a better life. 

~Bill Phillips 

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  1. There are many so call individuals that have come and gone claiming to be experts in the field of health and fitness. Their so called expert advice is outdated and was just a fade. But there is only one name in the industry who’s teachings are backed by science and has outlasted everyone. This expert knows what he is talking about and can get you the results needed to claim your health back and make you stand out from the rest. That person is Bill Phillips. You can trust Bill Phillips with your health. Over the next 12 weeks, you and I can have the confidence that Bill will guide us in transforming and sculpting our physique like we’ve never experience before. Bill will teach us a straight forward approach and push us to pass our mental and physical limitations. No BS, just good old fashion hard work.

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  2. This team is on fire and really locking in!… can’t wait for the transformation to begin!…ain’t no stoppin’ Us now!

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  3. This team is locked in and ready to tear it up!!!… let’s go Team…DRIVE!… I can not wait for the results of this great journey!


  4. So motivated to get this done. I am headed to my homeland Australia in September and I am going to be in the best shape of my life. I have let it all go in the last four years so it is time to regain control. I can come up with all the excuses in regards to why I let it all go but I will not do that because I will focus on what I am going to achieve over the next 12 weeks and beyond. I will prove to myself and everybody else that it can be done working graveyard shift and being able to finish despite being on vacation in another country for the final 3 weeks of this program. Indirectly, Bill’s teachings have guided the way to my past health and fitness success and today I will recommit myself to getting it done with great commitment, perseverance and just whatever it takes. 20 minute bike and 2 mile walk completed. Cheers and thanks Mr. Phillips.

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  5. Day one, walked 2 miles in AM, in gym now before work!
    Ready for this challenge, as we get older it gets if you dont stay on top of your fitness and health, you can go south (high BP, diabetes, heart disease and much worse) really fast!! AND….it gets harder and harder to keep starting over!!! I’ve worked in the Medical field for over 25 years and seen people just abuse or neglect their health and just waste their lives and the quality of life!! Not me !!!! I wanna be around and fit for my son and hopefully grandchildren soon!!!

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  6. I am here support encouragement and hopefully I will be able to participate, too! Dr. Appt at 1:30 today will give me what loeet work I can do!
    But having been a Bill follower for 25 yrs and succeeding in getting from 210 to 147 and with this next push working towards the final goal of 135

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  7. Day one, walked 2 miles in AM, in gym now before work!
    Ready for this challenge, as we get older it gets harder and harder!! If you dont stay on top of your fitness and health, you can go south (high BP, diabetes, heart disease and much worse) really fast!! AND….it gets harder and harder to keep starting over!!! I’ve worked in the Medical field for over 25 years and seen people just abuse or neglect their health and just waste their lives and the quality of life!! Not me !!!! I wanna be around and fit for my son and hopefully grandchildren soon!!!

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  8. Ok I will ask here since I’m not getting any responses on Bill’s Facebook post. What workouts? Is he sharing it here or will everyone have to wait till he posts it on Facebook? Thoroughly confused.


    1. Hello, This is a blog documenting Bill’s personal transformation journey and his workouts and program will be saved in the daily posts on this site. This is not necessarily a program he has built for others to follow along, this is an archive of Bill Phillips’ own 12 week transformation. He will not be posting the workout program for the 12 weeks in advance, his program will be shared daily.


  9. Looking forward do the next 12 weeks of no BS, no holds barred, raw, heart pumping, weight pounding, muscle burning, badass Fitness Training! I’m all in…and then some!


  10. This is something I want to follow as close as possible. I get up at 4AM already to get to work on time so I do my workouts after work. I started working out 5 weeks ago. The first 3 weeks I didn’t lose any weight. Then at week 4, I dropped 6 pounds. On to week 5, dropped another 4 pounds. Down 10 pounds after week 5 and just now starting week 6. I’m 55 now but don’t fit into Bill’s criteria of 15% bodyfat or less as my scale tells me I’m still at 28% bodyfat. I want to learn what it takes, (nutrition wise), to get really ripped. I’m 6’=1″ and currently at 231 lbs. I’m going to follow through with this as close as possible.


  11. Thank you for sharing your journey. As always, you and Maria are a huge source of inspiration on our planet. Thanks for keeping it real and may the force be with you!


  12. Near my all time high in weight – both times hitting 220 from my pregnancy weight (I’m the father!). This time around I was just plain careless with my health for too long of a stretch. I’m 50 and I know it’s important that I get back to focusing on my health. My life depends on it! I’m with you 110%. Drive to 55 today at 5am! Thanks Bill!


  13. I’ve always looked for the right book, the right course, the right thing that I could read or do or be or own to become successful, admired, accepted, loved.

    I’ve always known it was “out there” somewhere if I could just discover it, learn it, be it.

    But I never learned to like me, to discover who I am and accept myself, my thoughts, my interests.

    I thought all that was… well… not the point. All that was in the way of me becoming what I could be.

    I never realized that those things were the point.

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