Day 1: The Start

Everything that gets finished gets started.

~Bill Phillips
Day 1 Fasted Morning Walk and Talk with Bill Phillips

Morning PowerHour
1 hour outdoor walking
Talk through objectives
Preparing goals

Daily Workout
5 sets of 55 reps bicep curls
5 sets of 55 reps triceps extensions
5 sets of 10 reps on bench press
5 sets of 55 reps sit ups

Nutrition Plan
Extra Lean Day – 3 RIGHT Nutrition Shakes in 36 hours
+100 oz. Water

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  1. Today’s workout
    Bench 5×10-85
    Db side raise 2×10-15, 3×10-10
    Bent over row 5×10-35
    Tricep 1×55-15, 1×55-10, 1×43-10, 1×50-8, 1×40-8
    Db Curl 1×55-8, 1×50-8, 1×30-8, 1×30-8, 1×28-8


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  2. Day 1 done. 5.30 AM hour fasted cardio, 5×55 Biceps, Triceps, Incline Chest and seated shoulder press. Bonus of 20min on spin bike. 4.5l water (152 foz). Feeling great.. like an energized burning stiff board 🙂 We got this!


  3. Well, yesterday I did 5 sets of 60 curls… somehow (from posts I saw) I thought that was the workout. I’m adding the rest of this to my tomorrow workout which I believe will be cardio as today is LBWO… I’m a day behind.

    I turn 60 on Sept 29….


  4. Well, I couldn’t sleep (that’s normal) and I just couldn’t stand knowing I missed out on most of the workout so I went to the gym.

    Now my schedule alignment with the group is way off but i like that better i guess… less pressure. So 4 July is my day one… that puts my finish on 27 Sep… 2 days before my 60th birthday.

    Dumbbell Curls: 5×60 @ 10 lbs
    Tricept Extensions: 5×60 @15 lbs
    Bench press: 5×10 @ 40 lbs
    Bicycle crunches – 5×60


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