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  1. “In my mind, I’m already there…BP”

    This will carry me forward through to the 12 weeks, very powerful

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  2. I’m a day behind because of the time zone, I need to see what you did so that I can replicate it tomorrow.. I’ll match your yesterday in my today.. and your today in my tomorrow.. sounds weird, but simple. Thanks for laying this out!

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  3. You mentioned running on fumes by the end of this LEAN phase and I’m getting what you meant now 😉 still powering through and not even really hungry – but I needed that first shake a few hours earlier than I did on Day 1, ha!

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  4. Day 2
    Up early and watched BP’s vid.
    Morning WORKOUT (1of2) 3 sets of 40reps and descending. (Maxed out to failure w/just body weight – lots of strength to build)
    Evening WORKOUT (2of2) 2 sets of 40reps and descending. (Maxed out to failure w/just body weight)
    Lean day:
    M1 postworkout shake
    M2 Nutrition shake
    M3 2 hard boiled eggs, coffee
    M4 Oikos Zero w/ gf granola
    M5 6oz skinless chicken breast, roasted green beans, 1/2 sweet potato dry
    M6 Nutrition Shake, 10 blueberries


  5. Day 2 – In my mind, I’m already there… 1 hour power walk at 5.00AM, 5×55 Sumo squats (20KG, reducing to BW, Quads on fire), 5×55 calf raises (Bodyweight + dumbells – declining from 55 KGs to 20kg ), 5×55 Bulgarian split squat (started with 10KG DB’s, ended-up with bodyweight). Nutrition is planned and will be 3 nutrition shakes, I’ll also do a bonus CV later in the day.. and take a long soak in an Epsom salt bath! Water intake is not a problem for me, yesterday was 4.5Ltr or 152 FOz.. Feeling great, sore in the best way, and focused on amazing results…


  6. Can you post your journal pages. I’m looking for specifics like: the timing of things… meals, workouts and supplements; the actual weights on your lifts; what you felt you did well or could do better. Hope that’s not too intrusive. Thanks


  7. Day 2 done!

    Sumo squats: 5×60 @ 10lbs

    Chocolate RIGHT shake x 3
    Water: 100oz (almost done)


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