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  1. Day 8
    Morning PowerHour
    2 mile outdoor walk – done
    Preparing goals for the week and complete win list

    Daily Workout
    bench press 5×10 @95#
    Tricep ext. 5×55,55,44@8#, 55, 50@6#
    DB Curls 5×55,50,38@8#, 45,42@6#
    Sit ups 5×33,22,18,14,11

    33 situps is new high!
    Workout done.

    Hardcore lean Nutrition day.
    3 shakes 100+ oz of water

    Press on my friends!


  2. My day 8.. what a great start to the day.. 8.4 lbs down (3.8kg) over week 1. With a skip and a smile I did my 1 hour power walk, 5×55 reps on Biceps, triceps extensions, 5 x 10 on bench press (2×55), 5×55 Dumbell curls. Sits .. well I did crunches because I did not do well on sit up.. did 55, 43, 40, 35 and 21.. not pretty and the cussing from my gym room I’m sure was nothing to be proud of… but whatever it takes to get it done, and do my best.


  3. My results for

    WEEK 1

    So glad to have completed week 1

    4 July. 11 July. Result
    Wt. (lbs) 192 7/8 190 3/4 -2 1/7
    Waist (in) 41 1/8 41 1/8 0.0

    Week 1 lessons:

    LESSON: Push Yourself Beyond Perceived Limitations, and You will Succeed!

    LESSON: Developing a tremendous enthusiasm, even a passion for those things you want to become lifelong activities. You have to find a way to LOVE the feeling of doing it. It will call you to cultivate discipline, determination and the ability to overcome resistance.

    LESSON: To reach your full potential, connect with and follow the insight of teachers and mentors who walk the talk

    LESSON: Developing the capacity to love sharing your passion with everyone will create value for both you and them

    LESSON: Don’t sell myself short. Lift the weight that’s “right” to stress out my muscles. Make each exercise count!

    LESSON: When I cheat on my diet, I cheat myself


  4. 11 July is My day 7

    Bicepts again today… seriously!

    Flying to Denver for camp getting this huge workout in before it’s time to leave was a challenge. I land very late tonight.

    Moving on

    Exercise – done!
    5 sets of each of the following exercises with5 minutes rest between exercises and 20 to 30 minutes rest between sets:

    Bicept curls ×55 @ 10 lbs
    Trcep extensions ×55 @ 17.5 lbs
    Bench press ×10 @ 60 lbs
    Sit ups ×55

    3 Chocilate RIGHT shakes

    * @ wake
    * During workout (×2)
    * On way to airport (×2)
    * In each shake


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