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  1. 1 hour power walk, focus on visualization as I go.. 5×55 Squats, 2 x10 kgs (22 lbs).. got them all done, my quads were shaking for a while after..
    Meal plan is 3 nutrition shakes.. 1 down , 2 to go. Water will be 4.5ltrs (150 floz)..
    Completed the 3 shakes yesterday and came in at just over 150 floz water..
    I have discovered that for me, the fasted Cardio in the morning and workout, before the city awakes is the best way for me to start my day. No excuses, I get it done and life can throw whatever my way during the day – I will have my workouts done well and in the bag!

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  2. BTW. I want that picture for myself.. that’s the one has just jumped the line to be my visualization inspiration.

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  3. DAY 9 (following the leader)

    Great pic, Bill! Always inspiring!

    Morning PowerHour
    3 mile outdoor walk
    Daily goal setting and visualization

    Daily Workout
    5 sets 55 reps (as many as I can do) squat with body weight.

    Nutrition Plan
    Simple Lean Day: 3 Nutrition Shakes (Any Right available yet?)
    +100 oz. Water

    Found my picture from my 2012 Spring Challenge. I hate being a has-been. I want to make that picture look like the new “before” picture compared to where I’m going.

    (How do you include images with your posts?)

    Press On!

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  4. All completed.
    Top reps for squats was 35.
    122oz water.
    See you all tomorrow.
    Press on!


  5. 12 July is My day 9
    An insane 2nd hours. Flight delayed 4 hrs. I was exhausted after yesterday’s huge workout. The flight didn’t take off til midnight. But I had fallen asleep at the gate and no one woke me up even though there was only a dozen people in the whole area by that time. I missed the whole first day of camp.
    Moving on
    Exercise – done!
    This 190ish lbs body hasn’t jogged since 2007 except for our 100 yard sprint the other day. I had to break it up to 1/4 mile jogs with 5 minutes walk in between but I jogged a total of 2 miles.
    5 sets of Squats × 60 with 15 lbs dumbbell
    3 Chocolate RIGHT shakes
    I’m short on water today
    * During workout
    * At the camp dinner (×2)

    * In each shake


    1. At least you did what you could and your honest best is all that you can do.. fair play…


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