Day 10

Morning PowerHour

  • 2 mile walk
  • 100 yard sprint
  • Complete Daily Win List
  • 10 Minutes Goal setting & Visualization

Daily Workout

  • 33 minutes interval sprint aerobics on sprint bike. 10 minutes warm up, 1 minute sprint; 10 minutes moderate pace, 1 minute sprint; 10 minutes at moderate pace, 1 minute sprint.
  • 55 seconds of sit ups x 5 reps

Nutrition Plan

  • Extra Lean Day: final fast- 3 nutrition shakes only.
  • 100+ oz water
  • 2 servings Strongevity Rx (6AM & 6PM)
Bill Phillips – Age 18

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  1. The Drive.. Day 9 – Power walk 1 hour, 5×55 Situps – 33 min Spin bike (10 minutes warm up, 1 minute sprint; 10 minutes moderate pace, 1 minute sprint; 10 minutes at moderate pace, 1 minute sprint) .. Love TabataPro for keeping the timing! All done with focus and determination by 6.15AM! Followed by 50 Floz of water. All the time focusing on the vision and goals.

    Totally buzzed and excited, sore Ab’s (but that a good thing!). Meal plan is to get to 4.5lts or 150floz of Water, and 3 shakes. So far everything by the book, and that’s how I intend to keep it!. Had the pleasure of a beautiful sunrise to do my walk with..

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  2. Kind of weird for me to say this out loud, and I’m sure that I’ll get over it :-), but the your Pictures are totally inspiring! I see you body, and I want that for me!


  3. My Day 10 (shadowing Bill)
    Morning PowerHour

    2 mile walk
    100 yard sprint – sprinted down the parking lot into work.

    Complete Daily Win List
    10 Minutes Goal setting & Visualization

    Daily Workout
    33 minutes interval sprint aerobics on sprint bike. 10 minutes warm up, 1 minute sprint; 10 minutes moderate pace, 1 minute sprint; 10 minutes at moderate pace, 1 minute sprint.
    55 seconds of sit ups x 5 reps

    Nutrition Plan
    Extra Lean Day: final fast- 3 nutrition shakes only.
    100+ oz water
    I NEED TO ORDER STRONGEVITY. I will on Thursday!

    Press on!


  4. Looking forward to this lean day. I always feel so light and my body feels clean when not digesting a lot of food.

    2 mile morning walk is done, head is clear. This afternoon, planning on 33 minute Tabatas on the treadmill, 1 minute sprint, 10 min moderate. 55 second of sit up x 5. Those may be tough, just sitting up to get out of bed my abs were screaming at me from all the work on them this last week!!
    Loving the energy and vigor I’m experiencing!!


  5. Workout completed. Practically fell off the bike. Max situps in a set was only 23 today. But did it. One more shake today and about 25oz of water to honor my promises to myself.
    Press on!


  6. Day 10..
    Powerwalk for 1 hour, focusing on visualisation and motivation as walking. Also planning my day and looking for opportunities to move my butt during the day!

    1 – Bench press 45 degree. Reps 1, 2, 3, 4 @ 50 KG to tempo. 5th Rep was 22.5 kg and shaking at the end, but done. (Next time I’ll do this one horizontal).
    2 – Side Raise – 2.5KG (reps 1,2,3, 4) 5th was 5KG – last burned like hell but got them done. Good Tempo.
    3 – Bent over row – 17.5 KGs x 5 reps. (Will go for 20KG’s next time). Good Tempo
    4 – Bicep Curls – 12.5KGs – about 27.5 LBS 5 Reps at the weight completed. Good Tempo
    5 – Tricep Extension – 17.5KG (about 38.5lbs) – 5 sets of 10, a little left in the tank so up the weight next time.
    NB: The Bench press seems off to me, admittedly with Dumbells and at 45 degrees. Will go flat and see it that makes a difference before the next run upper day..

    3 shakes yesterday. Plan is for another 3 today. Water is always a min of 4.5 leters (152floz) because I always use 2 2.25 bottles a day, minimum. I refuse to go to bed unless I have consumed the water and nutrition.
    Need to buy more GlucMen tabs today – the pack at home were used up and not replaced when I went home last night (my bad for not planning/ensuring – though I did not use the last ones).. I’ll check Ketones too because I saw that graph Bill posted. So once/twice a week at the same time and condition I’m assuming..

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  7. So I have a math’s problem, I’ve been a day out above (could be due to post exercise typing, posing in different places and just inability to add), but I am on day 12, I started on Day 1st July, so you’d imagine it would be easy 🙂 My posts above are actually day 11 (not 10) and 10 (not 9).. All logs now in the one place and here we go…

    Day 12.
    1 hour power walk, reviewing my goals and planning my program for the day.
    5 cycles of
    1. Dumbell squats ( 2*15kgs)
    2. Straight leg deadlifts, (2x20kgs)
    3. Sumo squat, (1*25kgs)
    4. Calf raise, (2*25kgs)
    5. Front squat (2*17.5kgs)
    6. plank (1 min but not a very straight towards the end of the reps and cycles – My abs are sore! Great chance to correct a weak point!!)..
    2 min’ Rest between cycles. Happy with the Squats and raises, tempo was good. Sore/burn in legs, so I know for sure that I had a good workout.

    Nutrition plan
    M.1 Shake,
    M 2. Greek yogurt and Blueberries,
    M 3. Shake
    M 4 . Greek yogurt and Blueberries
    M 5 . Chicken breast, half portion of brown rice and broccoli.
    M 6 . Shake
    4.5 ltrs of water or 150foz.

    Today, the exercise and power walk is done so far, about to enjoy M2. I was definitely depleted on energy this morning for the walk and work out, but that’s to be expected – I had just not felt that depleted for a while. The water and the shake helped. My muscles (abs in particular) were and are sore, but then that’s clearly a weak spot so its great to working on them. All in all excited and I can see progress in my face, body and clothes.

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  8. Day 13. Lucky for me. In phone and without glasses so pardon mistakes etc and brevity. 1 hour power walk, 5x55sec setups and the 33min aerobic on the aerobic bike. Done! On meal 4, so far it’s as per plan.. shakes and greek yogurt with blueberries.. another shake to go and a chicken, broccoli and half portion of brown rice to go. Water on track for 150floz.. all good, sore and stiff today but very happy…


  9. July 13 is my Day 10 of my Drive to 60
    And Day 73 of 84

    * 2 mile walk
    * 100 yard sprint
    * 33 min on sprint bike with no breaks consisting of 3 set of:
    * Moderate pace × 10 min
    * Sprint × 1 min
    * 5 sets Situps for 1 minute

    * Chocolate RIGHT shakes × 3
    * No Strongevity

    16 oz × 10


  10. On mobile so I’ll be brief, and post more tomorrow. 1 hour power walk. 5×55 7.5kg bicep curls.. done. On meal 3, as per yesterday (clean day) I’ll just be adding in one free meal.. not sure what yet but it will be more for taste than quantity.


  11. My results for the first 10 Days.

    I’m posting on the morning of the 11th Day

    Start weight 192 7/8 lbs
    After 10 Days 189.0 lbs

    Down 3 7/8 lbs


  12. Day 15: Started with a weigh in, 16lbs down in the 14 days.. (that put a smile on my face!).

    1 Hour fasted Cardio PowerWalk: Completed..
    Visualising and intent focus on planning my nutrition and exercises.
    Workout (Completed)
    5 sets of 55 reps bicep curls (7.5KGS)
    5 sets of 55 reps triceps extensions (10kgs)
    5 sets of 10 reps on bench press (2x25kg dumbells – flat)
    5 sets of 55 reps sit ups (Done, but the end of last set was raggy)
    Nutrition Plan
    Extra lean day, 3 shakes (1 taken so far). Water will be 4.5ltrs, or 150floz.


  13. Day 16.
    1 Hour power walk done. Did a little jogging intermittently along the way.
    4×55 Squats with 2×7.5 KG dumbbells – completed.
    M1 taken, M2 and M3 to go, all lean protein shakes. (Right on Order).
    Feeling good, sore all over but good. Did my squats today without music, and all that I could hear was my knees crinkling like a plastic bag! Will need that looked at when this challenge is over.
    I’ll be continuing with this program as is for the next 10 weeks unless I hear otherwise.


  14. Day 17: Power walk done 1 hour, intermittent sprints. 33 Min bike done. 5×55 situps done. I’m done, muscles done… but feeling great in my head.. my body.. well thats a different matter just now.. its all good. Food on track and will again be 3 shakes. And the usual 2 tanks of water or 4.5 ltrs (150floz)..


  15. Day 18, Power walk done, 5×55 bench press, raises, bent over row, bicep curls and tricep extensions. Got to be honest here the weights were lower last week and light on the last rep. Feeling very depleted in my energy and strength. Day 4 of the week so another extra lean day, M1 as I type. 2 more to do. Water will be the usual 4.5ltrs and yesterdays meals were to plan.


    1. that was lower than last time I did this set.. just felt proper tired.. I saw Bill post a dirrent meal plan on FB, so I’ll switch to that next week.


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