Day 19

THE DRIVE to 55 continues…

Progress between day 1 and day 16

Dang that 3 weeks flew by! Down 12 pounds so far and if I get the light just right I can see where my abs will be in another few weeks. This 12 weeks is going to go fast and realizing this, I’ve got a real sense of urgency and the positive pressure is helping me focus. My planning will get more and more detailed.

Friday is 16 oz water gulped down then a 2 mile walk in morning. 5-25 legs and lungs workout at 6:00 pm MT – I’ll do this whole workout live with a group of folks at my gym. Colorado Camp participants can come on by, it’s free workout night followed by motivational pep talk and Strongevity spiked with Power Up energy cocktails.

Meals for me tomorrow are:
M1 – Right Shake with Strongevity;
M2 – Greek Yogurt 10 oz and 10 blueberries;
M3 – Nutrition Shake made with 16 oz water and 5 frozen strawberries blended for 90 seconds – this makes a huge 22 oz shake that I chug down and I’m FULL for a while. M4 – Greek Yogurt and 10 blueberries.
—Big workout
M5 – Right Shake with extra protein;
Strongevity right after training.
M6 – big Turkey Burger with lettuce and pickles and tomato and mustard. 16 oz ice tea. Yum! A big 50 grams of protein and just 500 cals.
No food for 12 hours after M6.
Recap: 3 Right Shakes + 2 Greek Yogurt + 1 whole food meal (healthy protein burger!). Clean 1,800 cals; 200 grams protein; 3,000 ml water.

6PM Workout

10 reps x 5 sets regular stance squat
10 reps x 5 sets straight leg deadlift
10 reps x 5 sets sumo squat
10 reps x 5 sets calf raise
10 reps x 5 sets narrow stance squat

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  1. Day 19. Thanks for sharing the above.. the Turkey burger picked me up, and the strawberries I can add next week if the 3 shake days deplete my energy again..
    5-25 lower body done, power walk 1 hour done. 33 min spi k bike done. Will do 3 shakes and 2 greek yogurt with blueberries.. was going to do chicken and rice with broccoli.. but that Turkey burger changed my mind!! Will be 4.5 ltrs of water again. Still depleted in the muscles but mentally strong. Will be back in Ireland from monday so can add strongiity and the other supplements then. Will be free day (a meal anyway) tomorrow a big scotish clan reunion, but I’ll get my workouts in and just bring a gluten free bun to the BBQ.. got to be prepared!

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  2. Extreme Heat Warning today. Bleh!
    But Day 19 is under way.
    Getting plenty of water and targeting 120oz.
    Workout will be at 4:00pm (CST) today: 5×25 LBWO.

    M1 – Nutrition Shake with 10 blueberries
    M2 – 1/4 cup Kind protein granola
    M3 – Nutrition Shake
    M4 – yogurt with PB2 powder
    M5 – Clean meal TBD. Wedding rehearsal meal so not sure what I’m having yet, but will be clean.
    M6 – Nutrition Shake


  3. The drive is great, I have lost 7 lbs and I’ve reduced my body fat to 21.9% (33.5 lbs muscle, 33lbs fat)! I’m so excited to see your meal plans and workouts Bill!… the daily check in and blog updates are really helpful for planning and I love being a part of the team! SO PUMPED UP!!!


  4. Monday, 22 July is:

    * Day 8 of 84 of Camp 82
    * Day 19 of The Drive
    * Workout 20 of 24 July
    * Day 83 of 84 of The BFL Challenge


    M1: Oikos Yogurt 5.3 oz w/ 10 Cherries
    M2: Right w/ Strongevity
    M3: RIGHT
    M4: Oikos Yogurt 5.3 oz w/ 10 blueberries
    M5: Power Bowl w/ 1 egg & 2 egg whites w/ Whole Wheat bread w/ 1 tbsp NuttZo

    2 mile Walk

    5 sets of the below exercises w/ 20 lbs dumbbells, no rest between exercises, 2 to 5 min between sets:

    Squats × 10
    Straight Leg Deadlifts × 10
    Sumo squats × 10
    Calf raises × 10
    Narrow squats × 10

    Trying to get my squats lower. By the 5th set my knee was hurting so much I only did 2 of 10 narrow squats. Not sure the weights under the heels made a difference but I’ll keep using them.

    *At Wake up
    *During Walk
    *In shakes ×3
    *During workout
    *30 minutes before meal



    Results for my first 18 days of The Drive to 55 taken early am 22 Jul:

    4 July. 22 July. Result
    Wt. (lbs) 192 7/8. 187. -5 7/8 lbs
    Waist (in) 41 1/8 . 39 9/16. -1 7/16 in


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