Day 20

224 lbs. to 211 lbs.

Three weeks into The Drive to 55
I can see some progress
I have to focus on the progress
I get more of what I focus on
I measure success by what I have changed
224 lb to 211 lbs

I thank God for progress so far and pray for an appetite only for things that nourish my strength

Nine weeks to go
Goal is 196 lbs and bodyfat 9%
Goal bench press body weight 30 reps
Goal cholesterol 185, Total/HDL 3.0
Goal 32” jeans
Goal: age without getting old

Free Day

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  1. Wow. The pictures speak for themselves. Progress indeed. Keep strong. I’ll be weighing myself on Tuesday morning as I’m away until tomorrow eve (and I just use the one good scales for consistency). Got my walk done, and bodyweight upper (situps, triceps between 2 chairs, use my suitcase for shoulders, superman with 2ltrs water) and plank 5×45 secs.. we are in the middle of nowhere so no gym. I’ll pinch some of your power focus visualizations. Mine to date as I do my power walks are more on body shape, living long and healthy with my girls, and how I will feel without the weight. Tomorrow I’ll get my walk done before I leave, but the workout will be when I get back to Ireland. My nutrition travels with me 😉


  2. Nice work Bill! I am confident you will meet or exceeded your goals. I am going to follow behind you and starting tomorrow in your footsteps! 🤠


  3. Reminded me to review my goals.
    By my 55 (September 18)
    Goal: weight 185lbs
    Goal: bench 200 3 reps
    Goal: 32″ pants
    Long term Goal: Next Spring/Summer – Compete in first ever bodybuilding contest.

    Press on!


  4. Tuesday, 23 July is:

    * Day 9 of 84 of Camp 82
    * Day 20 of The Drive
    * Workout 21 of July (2 rest days)
    * Day 84 of 84 of The BFL Challenge

    Nutrition: Free day
    Exercise: Free day

    * Lose 21 lbs, weigh 171 7/8
    * Complete all workouts of this Challenge as set out by Bill (weight modified)
    * Decrease back pain, improved posture
    * Follow The Drive food guidance every day
    * Keep blood sugar always below 200 with fasting below 100 by 8th week.
    * Post achievements and progress everyday (Here when possible, in BFL Challenge and Camp 82)


  5. This is incredible progress, Bill! I started my journey at 212lbs and I’m now at 197. I think I will be happy in 9-weeks if my “after” pic looks anything like your “before” pic. I’m still with you so thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Silly me. Of course there wasn’t a free day on exercise on The Drive!

    BONUS workout
    6 sets of the following exercises with no break between exercises and 5 min between sets
    * Bicep curls × 50
    * Tricep extensions × 25


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