Tuesday July 23

Morning PowerHour
– 2 mile walk
– win list and goal review

++Super Lean Day++
M1 RIGHT Nutrition Shake – Vanilla
2 scoops Strongevity Rx
2 scoops PowerUP in water
M2 1 cup non-fat plain Greek Yogurt with 1/2 cup blueberries
M3 RIGHT Nutrition Shake – Vanilla
2 scoops Strongevity Rx
M4 1 cup non-fat plain Greek Yogurt with 1/2 cup blueberries
M5 1 grilled turkey burger (no bun) with extra lettuce + tomato
M6 RIGHT Nutrition Shake – Vanilla
2 scoops Strongevity Rx
2 scoops GH10x

10 reps x 5 sets regular stance squat: 2 x 30 lbs
10 reps x 5 sets straight leg deadlift: 2 x 20 lbs
10 reps x 5 sets sumo squats: 70 lbs
10 reps x 5 sets calf raises: no weight
10 reps x 5 sets narrow stance squat or lunge 2 x 20 lbs

Bill Phillips – Age 18 – Teenage Mister America

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  1. Day 23 is ditto for the most part.
    2 mile walk this morning was beautiful and refreshing.

    “Extra” Super Lean Day
    M1 Nutrition Shake – w/PB2
    M2 Water
    M3 Nutrition Shake – Vanilla
    M4 Water (2Good Yogurt if really hungry)
    M5 Chicken Soup (no noodles)
    M6 Nutrition Shake – blueberries

    Bill’s 5*25 LBWO, all with 25# dumbbells.

    Press on!!


  2. Day 23.. Yippee!! another 7.5lbs down !!! Total weight loss on 22 day is 23.5lbs!! (10.7kg). (Weighted myself a day later than normal due to travel. (but I believe its important to use the same weighing scales for consistency). Power walk done 5.30-6.30AM – focus on visualization and imagining how much healthier and vibrant I will be). Lowerbody workout as above, and a bonus 30 min power walk. Some picture above! v inspirational..


  3. Day 24. Powerwalk with intermittent sprints and jogging – focusing my mind on the visualisations of health and energy.
    Nutrition: Meal plan was achieved, Shake, then greek yogurt with blueberries, shake, greek yogurt with blueberries, no-skin chicken breast with spinach and peppers, last meal was a shake.
    4.5 liters of water.
    For exercise I did 5×55 on Situps, 5×55 on plank, 5×55 on 5kg bicep curls.
    33 min on the aerobike bike
    30 mins of fast walk in the evening..


  4. Day 25: D55. Power-walk and mind focus.. feeling excited about my metamorphosis, exercise UBWO – 30 min bonus powerwalk last night. Meals – 3 shakes, 2 yogurts with blueberries and one evening meal of grilled chicken with spinach and broccoli and a 1/2 diced pepper. seeing a big difference in my mid-rift.


  5. Day 26:Day Powerwalk done – focused today on the positive of feeling energetic and vibrant. Did LBWO after. Meal plan exactly as yesterday.. 3 shakes, 2 yogurt with blueberries and one Chicken grilled breast with spinach and broccoli… I know that I have a way to go, but delighted with my progress.


  6. Friday, 26 July is:
    * Day 12 of 84 of Camp 82
    * Day 23 of 84 of The Drive
    * Workout 24 for July

    Only had 5 meals today. Not sure that matters as women, I’m told, often only have 5. Got a really late start.

    * M1: 1 Chicken link w/ 1 slice whole wheat bread
    * M2: Vanilla RIGHT w/ Strongevity and 1/2c blueberries
    * M3: Vanilla RIGHT w/ 1/2c blueberries
    * M4: 5.3 oz Oikos Yogurt
    * M5: 5.3 oz Oikos Yogurt

    2 mile walk

    5 sets of the following exercises with no rest between exercises and 2 min rest between sets:
    * Squats ×10 w/ 2 ×20 lbs
    * Straight leg deadlift ×10 w/ 2 x20 lbs
    * Sumo squats ×10 w/ 20 lbs
    * Calf raises ×10 w/ no weight
    * Narrow squat ×10 w/ 2 x 20 lbs

    Water: 90+oz
    * in each shake

    * at wake up
    * working on van ×2


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