Month 1 Progress

Month 1 done
224 lbs on July 1 and 209 lbs on July 30
Only the second time I’ve been under 210 in two years so this is important progress. 

My strength is good. Metabolism is strong. I’m hungry all the time but I’ll live. I focus on other things. I read. I don’t go to grocery store. My best progress is from having specific goals and letting my awareness take me there. 

August goal is to reduce 10 lbs more bodyfat and get to 199 for the first time in two and a half years.

August: 24 workouts- 12 upper body, 12 legs & lungs; fuck cardio I can’t stand that shit.

August: 3,000 sit ups
August: Bench press 200 lbs at least 500 times

August: 90 Right nutrition shakes;
60 servings Strongevity;
30 Power Up;
30 GH10x 

August: 4-2-1 every week
Drink at least 200 lb of water.

224 lbs to 209 lbs

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Bill Phillips and Jack LaLane 2002

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  1. One month done— July 1, 225lbs to July 31, 209lbs . A little disappointed with the last 10 days but grateful for the 1 month progress and excited about what’s to come.

    My strength is steadily increasing. I feel comfortable with the 421 Nutrition and will continue that commitment.

    Goals for month 2:
    – lose another 15lbs of bodyfat.
    – 27 workouts (no missed)
    – reach 50lb dumbbells for bench for whole 5*25
    – match Bill’s 3000 situps!

    PRESS ON!!

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  2. For accountability I’m sharing here with you all. I’m following the Drive to 55 plan along with Bill Phillips and the guys – I will not have the dream photo with them on Sept 22nd simply because I have too much to loose – what I will have is a photo that is MUCH better than I would have had without my efforts on D55 – the dream photo will follow before Christmas.. I have done every workout, and followed the nutrition plan. I have walked or aerobic biked more than 40 hours last month, and drunk 4650 floz+ of water. I have done every rep, even if some of the early sit ups were ‘best effort’. Weight loss is 25.5lbs.. Going in to this I knew that my required wight loss requirement would be 81.5 lbs or 37kg, it was perhaps unwise to achieve that in one 12week program, but with Drive to 55 I thought that it would be a great way to start kicking some ass in weight-loss… and 4 weeks in I am 25.5 lbs down, I am well on my way! Hungry a good bit, early nights help, so does drinking water when hungry and keeping away from the fridge.. I put the weighing scales right beside the fridge (to remind me that its not worth it).. My goal is another 12lbs in month 2. If I do that again in month 3, I would be left with 31 lbs to loose in a BFL challenge before Christmas.. I am looking forward to sharing that photo…
    For month 2.. I will do each workout (as per month 1), follow the meal plan (as per Bills page) and Do my power-walking with the visualizations.. also started back with Chi Kung (similar to healing Thai Chi), which is helping with relaxation and distressing – its breathing focused so I don’t think it will conflict with the D55 program, it should compliment. My target weightloss for month 2 is 12 lbs..I will also be looking to match bill’s 3000 situps (and do them right).. enjoying this program and glad that the body is holding out 🙂 (and the mind)…

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