Day 3

Morning PowerHour

  • 2 mile walk
  • 100 yard sprint

Daily Workout

  • 33 minutes interval sprint aerobics on sprint bike. 10 minutes warm up, 1 minute sprint; 10 minutes moderate pace, 1 minute sprint; 10 minutes at moderate pace, 1 minute sprint.
  • 55 seconds of sit ups x 5 reps

Nutrition Plan

  • Extra Lean Day: final fast day- 3 nutrition shakes only.
  • 100+ oz water

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  1. Day 3
    2 glasses of cold water
    My Workout
    5/25 cardio workout on treadmill. 2 minute walk, 2 minute jog, 1 minute sprint x 5
    55 seconds of sit ups x 5 reps (this oughta be fun)

    My Nutrition Plan
    Extra Lean Day: return to a fast day per Bill’s plan – 3 nutrition shakes only.
    100+ oz water


  2. Keeping with it too Bill. What’s the diet plan for tomorrow? I’m not even feeling hungry at this point… definitely “weaker” and kind of tired of “sweet” shakes… I wish there was a heartier flavor, haha


  3. Still with you, Bill! Biceps and legs are toast! Could only manage body weight sumos at the end of the day. Fortunately, I have a lot of body weight – but not for long!
    Not sure how you’re feeling but the nutrition is sapping a bit of my energy. I’m confident my mind and body will overcome this.
    Keep going strong! Your videos are as motivating as your workouts are intense.


  4. Just wanted to share something that hit me today.
    Yesterday, Bill said, “In my mind, I’m already there…”

    I read that several times, but today it hit me; I don’t know what my “there” is! I know I’m going to a place I’ve never been before. I’m taking myself to a whole new level! And this realization got me super excited!!
    I can’t wait to see where I can go!
    Thanks again, Bill, for the inspiration!


  5. Man you are impressive! I’m following lean, clean, free with the two workouts and feel like I’ve made massive progress in a few days! Extra lean!! Wow! 36hrs was ‘good!’ Maybe next time! I feel I’m not so sharpe at work extra lean?

    Loving the program Bill


  6. Following the program. Family questioning my choices. Surprised at my resolve. My usual bloating is way down. I’m dragging a little bit on this third day of ultra-lean. I’m also in Nebraska this week fixing some water damage at my mother-in-laws home and I’ve never liked this humidity. (Morning walks are more challenging with the gnats hitting the back of my throat). I plan on riding this bus for a long time…


  7. Day 3 of the Drive is alive and well. Great day! Successful in walking 2 miles, sprinting 100 yards, 33 minutes of cycling, and 3 Protein Isolate Shakes. Looking forward to Bill’s next video.


  8. Day 2 completed.. Day 3 started.. 1 Hour power walk yesterday morning (day 2), 5×55 Abs, 33 min Bike spin (aerobic) as per Bill. 2nd day on 3 protein shake.. again 150foz of water. Added a 45 dog walk at pace… was great to stretch out the muscles after Day1 exercises..


  9. Days 3 completed.. Just drinking the shakes must be making me Ga Ga..The above is for day 3.


  10. Day 3 Done.

    A really tough day.

    I’ve run the gamut from feeling great to sick and queasy to feeling exhausted.

    A gallon of water
    3 ahakes.
    2 mile walk
    100 yard sprint
    33 min cycling with 3×10 min sets at moderate pace each ending in a 1 min sprint
    5×60 sec situps

    I have gone from feeling great to I’ll to exhausted.

    Good night


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