Day 5

Morning PowerHour

  • 2 mile walk
  • Power mindset and win list

Daily Workout

  • 10 reps squats @ 50 lbs
  • 10 reps straight leg deadlift @ 75 lbs
  • 10 reps sumo squat @ 50 lbs
  • 10 reps calf raise @ 50 lbs
  • 10 reps front squat @ 80 lbs
  • 1 minute plank

Complete all exercises back to back. Rest 2 minutes. Repeat entire cycles 5 times

Nutrition Plan

Clean day :

  • M1: Nutrition Shake
  • M2: Greek yogurt and blueberries
  • M3: Nutrition Shake
  • M4: Greek yogurt and blueberries
  • M5: Chicken breast, brown rice, steamed broccoli.
  • M6: Nutrition shake
  • 100+ oz water

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  1. Day 5. 1 hour power walk, focus mentally on reviewing my goals and planning meals and exercise timings. 5 times squats, deadlifts, sumo squat, calf raise, front squat and plank. 2 min break between cycles. Felt good and spent.
    Meals.1 shake,
    Meal 2. 1/2 chicken breast with spinach,
    Meal 3 was shake
    Meal 4 .1/2 chicken breast and spinach
    M 5 . Chicken breast, half portion of brown rice and spinach.
    Meal 6 . Shake
    Will follow Bill’s meal better going forward.
    4.5 ltrs of water or 150foz.
    Feeling great and focused. A little burn in the quads, but sure that’s the point 😁


  2. Day 5
    10 reps squats @ 20 lbs
    10 reps straight leg deadlift @ 20 lbs
    10 reps sumo squat @ 10 lbs
    10 reps calf raise @ 20 lbs
    10 reps front squat @ 20 lbs
    30 second plank
    X 5 sets
    Nutrition plan
    M1 Nutrition Shake
    M2 Oikos Zero w/ oat granola
    M3 2 string cheese
    M4 Nutrition Shake
    M5 Healthy bowl (edamame, black beans, cucumber, carrots, roasted red pepper, wild rice. W/ 6 oz grilled chicken
    M6 Nutrition Shake

    2 mile power walk


  3. 8 July is day 5 of my Drive to 60

    I find myself philosophical today… reflecting on my healing journey. Rather than imagining what come next I’m just trying to take in today… to be calm and centered and not allowing urges to have their way.


    2 mile walk

    5 sets of the following 6 exercises with 5 to 10 min rest between sets:

    Squats×10 @ 35 lbs dumbbells
    Straight leg deadlifts×10 @ 35 lbs dumbbells
    Sumo squats×10 @ 35 lbs dumbbell
    Calf raises×10 @ 35 lbs dumbbells
    Narrow squats×10 @ 35 lbs dumbbells
    1 minute plank

    I couldn’t lift the weights to my shoulders to do front squats so I did narrow squats instead.


    M1: Greek yogurt and blackberries
    M2: Nutrition Shake
    M3: Greek yogurt
    M4: Nutrition Shake
    M5: Chicken breast, brown rice, steamed broccoli.

    3/4 gal water

    I need to get rest times down.


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