July 22, 2019

Morning PowerHour

2 mile walk
Win list and weekly goal overview


SuperLean Day. It’s a simple plan, looks easy to follow but it can be a challenge to get through the day – it is worth it though… The results this coming week will be stunning. 2 super lean days; 2 lean days; 2 clean days, one free day.

The 7 days of this meal pattern form steps. It’s called stepwise meal patterning. It works. Sculpt your muscles. Lose the fat. Keep your metabolic strength. Do more.


Upper Body Workout – LIVE Stream will be on my Bill Phillips Transformation Facebook page at 6PM MT.


10 reps x 5 sets 225 lb barbell bench press
10 reps x 5 sets iron cross shoulder raise – 8 lbs.
10 reps x 5 sets bent over rows with 25 lb dumbbells
10 reps x 5 sets bicep curls with 25 lb dumbbells
10 reps x 5 sets tricep extension with 40 lb dumbbell

Photo from 2002 – Bill Phillips at 38 years old

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  1. Can you explain the difference between “super” lean and Lean just so I have this straight in my head? I know I’m blonde, but not sure I have this right, thank you Jo Ann


  2. Day 22!!!
    Ditto on the plan, Bill.

    Did some calculations and need to increase my daily protein. I will be tracking that along with my meal notes. Otherwise, on track with the the Drive!
    Press on!


  3. Day 22.1 hour power walk in the morning (6AM), focus on visualising my body and health, and how much better I will feel. Looking forward to and ‘living’ with a healthy body, mind and energy with my girls). Food packed for the 7 hour drive and ferry back to Ireland. All to plan, exactly as above (I’m not deviating a smidge!!). Upper body workout at 8PM after I got home, exhaused but feeling happy with myself that I did it well and right.


  4. My results for WEEK 3
    Taken early 25 Jul (My Day 22):
    xxxxxxx……4 July……25 July…….Result
    Wt. (lbs)…192 7/8…187 1/16…-5 13/16
    Waist (in)…….41 1/8……..40 3/16…-15/16

    Week 3 lessons:

    LESSON: Don’t skip the morning focus time exercise. It sets you up for a better day.

    LESSON: Only shop on last Extra Lean day. Temptation will kill goals

    LESSON: Review the day’s plan at each day. Memory gets mixed up

    LESSON: Go easy on injuries

    LESSON: Find better way to video Tricep Ext

    LESSON: Temptation is a trap that destroys goals. Leave, eat a planned meal, do something productive.


  5. Thursday, 25 July is:
    * Day 11 of 84 of Camp 82
    * Day 22 of 84 of The Drive
    * Workout 23 for July

    * Chocolate RIGHT Shake w/ Strongevity w/ 16oz water
    * Chocolate RIGHT Shake w/ 16oz water
    * Chocolate RIGHT Shake w/ Strongevity w/ 16oz water

    2 mile Morning Walk/Focus w/ 16oz water x2 (1 during + 1 after)

    5 sets of the following exercises w/ no rest between exercises and w/ 16oz water ×2 (1 during, 1 after)
    * Bench press ×10 @ 60 lb Barbell
    * Iron cross ×10 @ 5 lb Dumbbells
    * Bent over rows ×10 @ 25 lb Dumbbells
    * Bicep curls ×10 @ 15 lb Dumbbells
    * Tricep extension ×10 @ 25 lb Dumbbell

    Water: 100+oz


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